Monday, June 27, 2011

Illustration work shop

I had a great Illustration workshop this past Saturday.  Laurent Linn from Simon and Schuster came and talked to about 25 local illustrators.   It was great fun for all and I think everyone learned a lot.    We were given an assignment about 2 months before the class and everyone brought their work in.  Laurent critiqued them and talked about what he liked and what we could do to improve the art.  He was very helpful and kind.    I learned a lot.   I am really looking forward to the next workshop.  If you ever get a chance to go to one, do.   They are great.

This is the design I did for the class.  


Christie said...

This is adorable! You really captured the magic of story time in this! Love your use of pattern and color.

web design company said...

Yep !! I too agree with u..U have done a great work..It looks simple but meant a lot in the side of work u made behind that..The use of colors and the pattern is quite good.. web design company

Amanda Kline said...

Extremely detail and wonderfully woven. You have such a fantastic talent. This reminds me of my mother because she would often take my books that didn't have pictures and insert her own. One looks very much like this story time picture.

You can really go far with this incredible talent of yours. Dream BIG!

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What have you done for someone else today?

Susan Walker Art said...

Bec so glad you got a good one in your area. Aren't they recharging! hope you got a lot of feed back and take all you learned to the next level. It is just around the corner!
Great job...AGAIN!

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Cool! i so love it.=D

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