Friday, October 26, 2007

Coloring the card

Now the fun part starts. I love to do the coloring. It is fun and it really brings the image to life. OK, the first thing I did was do the blue wash in the background. I always do the background first as you can go over it if you want to. I used a light blue. Then, I did the yellow border. Doing the border detail was a little more tedious but it was fun. I also use colored pencil in my work as I can get the detail I want. Watercolors are more free and you can't get detail like you can with pencil so I decided to mix my mediums.
Also, on Sadie, I did not use black as that would give it a flat look. I used darke brown and blue with some green. Then I mixed in brown colored pencils for the highlights. When you look at a black cat, notice how the fur is not really black.

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